Musway M 6


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The M6 model can surely be viewed as a new milestone in amplifier construction. It is barely not imaginable that in this small housing a fully grown class D amplifier works, which has six pairwise bridgeable outputs, each with 105 watts RMS per channel (at 2 ohms). A total of 630 Watts RMS are available. The compact dimensions are made possible by an elaborate 4-fold laminated board, which also effectively suppresses EMC interference due to the favorable topology - a must, especially for full-range Class D amplifiers.


The heart of the control technology is a high-end DSP from Texas Instruments™. The amplifier finds its connection via a space-saving cable harness with ISO plugs, individual Plug+Play cable sets are also available. Useful additional features include soft-clipping to protect the electronics and speakers in 2 Ohm operation and the newly developed high-level input with Error Protection System, which prevents when connected to an OEM factory radio that no functions are impaired or error messages are written into the vehicle memory.

• Intelligent High Level Input (Error Protection System)

• Start-Stop ready, Auto Turn-On

• Soft-Clipping (power attenuation) in 2 Ohm operation

• Signal-to-noise Ratio ≥90dB

• Frequency Response 15 Hz – 22 kHz (-3dB)

• THD ≤0,1% (1 kHz, 4Ω, 90% Power)

• Separately controllable input sensitivity (Channel 1-4, Channel 5-6), Clipping LEDs

• Dual 32bit, 330 MIPS DSP technology controllable via PC software or APP

• Plug+Play with vehicle-specific cable sets

• External Bluetooth® USB-Dongles (BTS & BTA) for Audio Streaming/APP (optional)

• Digital remote control (DRC1) with LCD for controlling various DSP functions (optional)

QUICKCONNECT Terminal to connect all  MUSWAY 2+2 Ω Subwoofer-Systems




6 x 70/105 Watts RMS @ 4/2 Ohms or

3 x 210 Watts RMS @ 4 Ohmss bridged

6 x High Level Inputs, 2 x AUX/RCA Inputs, 1 x Optical Input/Stereo

6 x Loudspeaker Outputs amplified

2 x Pre-Amplifier Outputs/RCA (configurable via DSP)

Dimensions in mm: 200/220 (L) x 150 (W) x 44 (H)


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