Hifonics AXI 5005


450.00 (με ΦΠΑ)

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In premium car audio installations many connoisseurs love the great sound performance and refinement of analog amplifiers for driving high quality full range speakers. However, for powerful bass response, essentially Class D amplifiers are the choice, as they are well known for high power and stability. To serve this idea, HiFonics introduces with the ATLAS Series a new amp-class, combining the best of both worlds in a single heat sink. The new hybrid amplifiers integrate a performance-driven analog Class A/B amp for the stereo channels, while the subchannel features a high efficient, digital 1 Ohm stable Class D Monoblock.

• Class A/B and D Hybrid Amplifier
• Bass remote controller
• Screw-type RCA jacks
• Molded terminals & maxi-fuses
• Illuminated logo badge (blue or white)
• Heavy die-cast frames
• Low-noise input OP-amps (9V/µS slew-rate)
• Aluminum controller knobs
• Double-sided PC-Board


Hybrid 5-Channel Amplifier
Class A/B
4 x 75 / 125 W/RMS @ 4 / 2 Ohms
CH 1&2: HP 15-4000 Hz
CH 3&4: HP 15-4000 Hz, BP 50-4000 Hz

Class D
1 x 250 W/RMS @ 4 Ohms
1 x 450 W/RMS @ 2 Ohms
1 x 650 W/RMS @ 1 Ohm
LP 30-150 Hz, Subsonic 15-40 Hz
Variable Bass-Boost 0-12db
260 x 60 x 420/450 mm
Efficiency up to 82%


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