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CONNECT CONTROL is a long distance remote control that can be adapted to most CD and DVD players on the market. It is a product with high technology that operates in radio frequency (RF), emulating the basic functions of the original infrared control of your device. It was developed to offer efficiency and high performance when controlling a device at a distance of 300m in the target area (open area). It is a control that is immune to interference, economical and does not allow the cloning of your codes.

Another important factor of CONNECT CONTROL is the new receiver base that is easy to install and developed for Players with front USB. This, in turn, is powered by the USB input itself which does not require a more advanced installation and with it connected you can still use its functionalities, as it has an input for you to connect your pen driver, when you press any key of the control, the base will receive these commands and send it to your player’s panel as if it were the original control. If your player has only a rear USB input, just plug it into a USB extension between the receiver base and your player, placing it next to the panel.

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