Alphard Machete Super Sport M12 D1

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Machete Super Sport – the new leader on the market!

So, before you a brand new model, which is becoming an absolute hit among all affordable subwoofers. This is a continuation of the most popular Machete series, which for a long time has no need in representation. The most powerful version in the line of Machete series subwoofers almost twice exceeds his younger brother by rated power and able to fight on equal terms with competitors in much higher price categories. Completely new and much more durable subwoofer design, will handle with long-term loads up to 1300 watts.


Model M12D2 Super Sport / M12D1 Super Sport
Type Subwoofer
Size 12 inch
Voice coil size 3.00 inch
Cone Paper
Magnet Ferrite
Voice coil wire Copper
Surround Foam
RMS Power 1300 W
MAX Power 2600 W
Frame Steel
Impedance 2+2 / 1+1 Ohm
SPL 86.00 / 85.00 dB
Fs 40.00 / 39.00 Hz
Qts 0.65 / 0.57
BL 18.78 / 14.69
Re 1.4+1.4 / 0.7+0.7
Vas 34.00 / 32.00 L
Xmax 17.00 / 17.00 mm
Mounting depth 6.83 inch
Cut-out dimension 11.22 inch
Gross weight 30.86 lb (14.00 kg)

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